Newsletter December 2014

“It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing!”
- Thomas Jefferson

Dear JSS Members,

To all of you who supported our recent Camp Manitowish Charity Dinner & Auction at Neat Kitchen – a sincere thank you!

This was an extremely successful outing in support of one of our key charities in Camp Manitowish, and a flat out fantastic time.

For any members, past or present, which weren’t able to attend – we’ll regale you with the tales and hope to see you at the next event.

The scene was ripe with anticipation and excitement as the Members of The JSS began to arrive on a cool Wednesday evening. The private dining room at Neat Kitchen was the perfect facility to receive the selective but not necessarily “library quiet” bunch. Old friends gathered enthusiastically and introduced new friends and supporters over passed appetizers and a plethora of welcome wines led by a sparkling featuring the name “Jefferson”. The silent auction tables surrounded the room, and the attendees roamed the facility with their best poker faces, evaluating their bids for loot in the name of charity. The bidders came to rest and were served an outstanding meal with generous wine donations from personal cellars and trunks. The President called to mind the successes of the past and the clubs renewed enthusiasm to serve in a charitable nature while enjoying the outdoors and company of good friends. Amid the inspiring words and top notch dinner courses, prizes were drawn and the competitive juices began to flow with a heightened fever. With the silent auction drawing to an end and the group primed for more charitable avenues – the live auction began. Beautiful, and generous donations, drew out multiple bidders into a competition that would leave the “campers” the winners. An epic Monsanto 1968, a classic Jim Tingey Egret print, gorgeous handmade jewelry, and one impressive American Felling Axe to close the show. The bidding was fierce, and the winners were lucky to outlast their competitors. There was no surprise that great sportsmanship was employed throughout, and all competitors joined for a handshake and a toast at the end. They’ll be back next year.

As the dust settled from the official scheduled events, the Treasurer worked wildly to tally the coins in the coffee can. With all checks collected, the members of The JSS were proud to announce that they would be sending Five CAMPERS to enjoy the fun and learning provided by Camp Manitowish in the Northern Woods. Three lucky winners submitted by JSS Members and two to be selected by S.O.S. Children’s Village who we’ve been proud to support for multiple years now..

The Boone & Crockett List:

  • American Felling Axe – Todd Supancic
  • Jim Tingey Egret Print – Brian Hadley
  • Custom Jewelry – Dave Mayo
  • Monsanto CCR 1968 – Danny Romano
  • Stevens .28 Gauge Shotgun – Andrew Schaefer

There were many generous donations of goods, funds, and time from the Members of The JSS, and all had a great time in raising money for an even better cause.

If you weren’t able to attend, ask for a report from a kindred spirit in attendance, and we’ll hope to see you at the next event.

Thank You,

The JSS Officers